Matthew Roach


This is not a regular thing for me, to recap on my year but for the past few days I’ve been thinking back about this year as a whole to remember the good and bad times, and to take time to reflect on the year. When I thought back, it was amazing to think some of the things I remember were actually this year as they feel like so long ago. Not sure if that’s me growing up more or just the way of life, but man this year has been a blast and a lot has happened!

Looking back on the year a few things stand out for me, I have either written about here or not:

On a personal note the biggest highlight of the year was me and my wife getting the excellent news that we are going to be parents again!

Baby Number 2

Onto 2015, I am not going to write out on here what I am planning for the following year but I do have a list (yes a paper list) of my plans and ideas for the coming year, some of these things while end up on here.