Matthew Roach

50 shades of grey

On Wednesday I took my wife to the cinema for her birthday to watch 50 shades of grey, she has read the trilogy series and really wanted to see the film. For me who’s not read the books and only heard and seen what’s been advertised in the media regarding the movie, from having now watched the movie for me it was not as bad as the media has made it out to be.

What I took it from the movie was yes it is a movie about BDSM, while that might not be everyone’s taste of sexual activity, just remember these are two adults consenting to these activities with each other. While you may have your own tastes, just because this is a movie don’t judge! Either can walk away at any point (which does happen) if they are not comfortable, and within the movie there was never a point at which either of them where forced into something that either of them could of stopped.

While people get hung up on the erotic parts of the story, there is also a sub story going on, the woman is slowly turning the man into a romantic.