Matthew Roach

A Fresh iPhone

When Apple revealed iOS 7, at WWDC, I was excited. I was not one of the first iPhone users, I became an iPhone user with a iPhone 3G. Having been an iPhone users for such a long period of time I was starting to feel as if the iPhone experience was going a little stale.

Having received a Nexus 7 as a christmas gift, I was really impressed on how far Android had come on from my first experiences with it a few years prior. Now with using the iPhone and the Nexus on a daily basis I started to lean towards the interface of the Nexus. It was something new, fresh and there is a lot that’s nice, while there are some issues compared to an iPhone experience. The one feature that I miss on the Nexus is the tap to return to the top. I was surprised by how much I used in on the iPhone, but man does it say you scrolling!

Having been using iOS 7 for around a month, I’ve finally said enough is enough as moved back to iOS 6, the main reason for this was not that of the iOS 7 experience, I think, its a great step forward, and just the refresh it need to keep me an iOS user for the possibility of a few more years, it’s the fact that a lot of apps are buggy on it. I understand it’s a developer preview and all that, but I feel that the short lived time I spent with it was needed, as I may have made a decision to leave the iOS space if I had not tried it.

In the process of moving back to iOS 6, which took a lot longer than I first thought, but we got there in the end. After being greeted with the new iPhone screen, I flick through the first few, connect to WIFI, etc. Then I am asked how I would like to set up my iPhone; as a new iPhone, from an iCloud backup, or from an iTunes backup. As I use iCloud, I choose the iCloud option, enter my credentials, and then greeted with the screen to choose which backup I would like to use to restore from.
This is where I was expecting a choice and I would be well on my way, while I was greeted with options of backups, but these backups where frayed out, and not selected able. Underneath each backup option was some text saying not usable due to being made on iOS 7.

So, I am left with the option of going back to iOS 7 and having some buggy and non working apps or to start a fresh with iOS 6. I have decided to start a fresh with iOS 6, and see what happens.

Having had my current iPhone for just over year, I have accumulated quite a few apps, and a majority of them I hardly ever use. I thought it would nice to start over and have a clean slate to only install apps I find I really, really need. It felt a little strange at first with a fresh iPhone, and no third party apps, there were a few apps I installed straight off the bat, like Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare and Google+. Starting a fresh feels nice to streamline my interactivity with my phone, every app I install on my phone from now on will be carefully considered.