Matthew Roach

Review: Amazon Kindle – Sleeve

Kindle Sleeve with Kindle inside

After getting myself a Kindle Paperwhite, I was in the market for a nice case to protect it. With things like cases I have a odd taste and I am very picky in what I want.

Kindle Sleeve closedI began my search straight after getting the Kindle and it took a good while for me to finally hit the purchase button on a case I would want. An issue here is that buying online takes me longer as I can not tell 100% if it is what I want, I would much prefer going into a physical store to by something like this. (I’ll leave those details are for another day)

So after finally hitting the purchase button for this case I was still not 100% if it was going to be right or any good. Once I had took delivery of it, I was quite surprised by the quality of the product. I also got a little shock as I thought I was buying just a plain sleeve, but it turned out the strap that goes over it goes in at the back and loops round inside the sleeve. This is used to Kindle Sleeve showing inside strappull the kindle out, rather than having to stretch the sleeve to reach in to get your kindle out. I was a little sceptically at this, as I was after a plain bog standard sleeve. But after some use of the sleeve in a variety of different situations I am very impressed by this little feature, while I say it’s a little feature, its a huge part of the sleeve. I can see how this will help prolong the lift of the sleeve, as I’ll not need to stretch it open to reach for the kindle, a gentle pull up on the tab and it slides up with no resistance at all.