Matthew Roach

Cabin Fever: The sizzling secrets of a Virgin air hostess…


Cabin Fever: The sizzling secrets of a Virgin air hostess… by Mandy Smith – I came across this book while I was scrolling through the biography section on the Amazon Kindle books section. I do my fair share of travelling, and quiet a few trips over the Atlantic, and was curious about this book when it came up in the list. I read the product description, and one of the quotes was:

Mandy Smith spent twelve years strutting down the aisles as one of Richard Branson’s sexy and sassy flight attendants. In Cabin Fever she tells the good, the bad and the downright naughty tales of life in the air.

Without reading much else about the book apart from the product description I decided to purchase it and give it a read. I don’t like to read reviews on a book before buying in case it puts me off. I like to start the book without having other peoples views in my mind, and based on the quote above I thought the book would be an interesting read to find out some of the things that go on in the air that are not known about.

But, this book is not quite as I expected, this book is more “Secret diary of a call girl” style rather than “tales of life in the air”, while there are some stories about things going on in the air, more of the book is about what goes on off the plane.

The book is a nice easy read and does have stories about strange thing in the air, but more aimed at the life of Mandy and what goes on after the plane has landed.