Matthew Roach


Choosy Browser PickerBeing someone who uses different web browsers for different purposes. I primarily use Chrome and Chrome Canary for developing in, Safari for personal browsing and Opera for random other things. Having to set a default browser is a hard choice because I don’t always want links to open in the default browser. Take for example I want to open a link from the Twitter App, I would like this to be opened in Safari, but if someone messages me on Slack with a URL for a test server or production server issue I will want to open that in one of the Chrome browsers I have open for that environment. The same applies for emails, especially ones that come from ticket systems or source control emails, again I want these to open in the browser I am using for those sites.

Having recently moved back to Mac full time I was confident there would be an App or some solution to fill my needs, and one quick search found Choosy, a preference pane application for the Mac that does exactly want I want and more. After 24 hours of use I am sold, and purchased it.

A great feature of Choosy is you can set up rules so you don’t have to choose the browser you wish for link. You can do it based on URL, or the Application the link is coming from. I have a rule for any links from the Twitter App to open in Safari for example.