Matthew Roach

Code Conventions

Recently I put together a set of markdown files for the few different web languages I write a lot of code in, these being HTML, CSS (Sass), JavaScript/jQuery, and CFML. I have these located on my GitHub page under a repository named Conventions

I put together the set of conventions for a few different reason. I thought someone might be able to get something from it, or for when I release open source code/ library’s I can point people to them, the final reason being I can show people the method to my madness if they every cross my code paths.

While the conventions documents are not 100% full proof I will be continuing to add and tweak little items as I can continue to write more code and find my rhythm.
A lot of what is already documented is straight from how I write my code at the moment, if I see a pattern in the way I write certain parts of code I document it as a convention, simple as that. I don’t go out of my way to write a convention to change the way I code, I write the conventions on the way I am coding.

I feel conventions should not be something you force, obviously this can break down within a team environment, but that’s a whole different story. While the conventions I have documented do contain some ways of writing faster/better code, a lot of what I have documented is personal preference and more style based.

A simple example of one of my conventions, spacing around if statements:

if ( x ) {

Instead of