Matthew Roach

Giving Blood

Today I donated blood.

This was the first time I have ever donated blood, and the second time in my life I have had blood taken (that I remember – may of done as a child but don’t recall). After the birth of our second child things went a little scary and my wife ended up having to have two blood transfusion within 48 hours of Alice being born. At the time I just took it as that’s what was needed, and it never really occurred to me that people needing blood is a very common thing, according to blood Scotland someone is receiving blood every minute of the day. It never quite occurred to me this blood comes from the donations of the general public.

After looking into giving blood, it was a very simple process. I entered my details on the scotblood website, within a few days a letter came through giving me details of giving blood. Then within a couple weeks I received my first blood donation letter with details of the time and place I could go give blood, this contained a simple health questionnaire to fill in pre arrival. I decided today as the day I was going give blood, filled in the form, and went along to the donation centre. An hour and half later I walked out having donated around a pint of blood. It’s a simple process and something you can only do three times a year, that’s not a lot of blood to give for a whole year, especially for the amount of blood that is required. I will be going back in a few months for my next donation, and I plan to continue doing it!

Have you thought about giving blood? If not you can find more details on if your in Scotland, or if your are in England or Wales.