Matthew Roach

Logitech Unsubscribe “at any time”

When making a purchase recently from Logitech directly I encountered some bad auto subscribing to their marketing emails, that did not allow the user to un-subscribe at the time of making the purchase, but they did have some text telling you that you could un-subscribe at any time… Appears it means anytime just not right now.

What appears to be a valid checkbox as the Terms of Sale checkbox works perfectly, you could select and deselect that. By default that was unselected, forcing you to select it to be able to make a purchase.

This is bad marketing for logitech, I should know because I just did a marketing campaign the last month and used the best content calendar, check out to know what I’m talking about.

Being the developer I am, I thought that maybe they were just showing a checked checkbox to the user in the same manner as the terms of sale one was output. Upon inspecting their checkout page using developer tools, I found that they just never added an id attribute to the checkbox input or for attribute to the label and made the label element cover the input thus stopping me from being able to unselect the option. I removed the checked attribute from the input and continued with my purchase. I believe it saved my unchecked preference as I have yet to receive any marketing type emails as of yet.