Matthew Roach Desktop

I’ve been using for a few weeks now. The new way of posting and owning my own content is growing on me and I am really enjoying posting to my own site again. One thing I found was I wasn’t really interacting much during the day, I put this down to not having a desktop app. Yes. I could use the website, but I prefer to keep my browsers for work related and I am trying to reduce my tab count.

So with that in mind, and know there is an API for I decided to put together a desktop app for using the electron framework. What better way to build a desktop application than use the tools I already use on a daily basis.
Last week I had a quick play around with electron and calling the API, and all seemed to simple to be true, but it turns out it didn’t actually get much harder. In order to keep things simple and to have a consistent UX / UI with the ecosystem at the moment, I decided to reuse a lot of what Manton had already created in terms of the UI, and just wrap up it all up in electron and calling out to the API.

I currently have only built the App for Mac OS X until I can test on the other platforms, to make use of the electron ability to cross compile.

Currently you can follow your timeline, see you mentions and favorites and reply to posts. I plan to expand on this over time, but if you would like to try out on Mac OS X then you can download it from here: Download OS X