Matthew Roach

OpenBD Manual Chrome Extension

OpenBD Chrome Extension

On Tuesday 11th December I put the OpenBD Manual Google Chrome Extension live, and have done a little promoting of it. This morning I was doing some checking of different things and decided to check the stats for the extension. Google Chrome is reporting it has 22 users, I know this is not huge numbers but as it’s only a chrome extension I know a lot of developers who use Firefox then we are missing some users here. But all in all I am very happy that there are people who have taken their time to download it, and I hope they are using it.

The extension is a simple way to get direct access to the tags and functions direct from the OpenBD Manual, while it’s not a full blown version of the manual in the extension, it provides you will a summary, the usage of the tag/function and the Attributes available, which I feel is enough for a quick reference.