Matthew Roach

Standing Desk: Day 5

Day 5, the last day of the week. A morning standing again, seems to be a lot of mornings this week standing (4 out of the 5), just the way the week played out with Holidays and work, etc.

Standing this morning was again very much a norm. I tried again with not wearing anything foot wear to see if I got sore feet again, turns out I did, but I managed to get through without putting anything on my feet, maybe not a wise decision.

All in all I think the first week of trying a standing desk has gone very well. A few questions/ anwsers to which I had for myself before deciding to try the standing desk.

Was it as I expected?

Not 100%, but I felt quite comfortable in the position, and was happy to do my daily tasks as normal, it felt a little strange at times.

Bad Bits?

Not many. One thing I began to notice more towards the end of the week as I get into the stride of working standing up was the movement of my monitor when typing lots. It was starting to shake/wobble, I have put this down to the set up. (Would love to try a better standing solution to see if that suffers the same).

As said a few times already this week, the sore feet was a bad bit. I’ll need to see how this goes over time.

Overall, I felt it has been a good week, and am looking forward to more time at the standing desk, not sure if I could manage a full day standing (maybe a day with a few meetings), but I think over the coming months I’ll have a try to see what it’s like. I would recommend anyone who is considering trying the standing desk thing to give it a try (you can build one for under £30), you may surprise yourself, or you may just hate it. For now I am still sat in the middle of hate it/love it. What I do love tho is having the ability to be able to switch, and the switch is not too trouble some. You do need a bit of room to store the contraption tho.