Standing desk for under £30 – without Ikea

The past few weeks I’ve been looking more into getting a standing desk, and this week I am going to be giving the standing desk a good work out.

There a tons of resources and stand/sit desk setups out there, but unless you have tons of money to experiment with them all it’s hard to work out which solutions would be best, so rather then spend a small fortune I’ve made my own, so I can validate if a standing desk is going to worth all the expense. If you Google Standing desks, you will find a host of results of DIY articles, or articles showing people who have made their own. I came across the following article “A standing desk for $22“, while I don’t live near an Ikea, I decided to see if I could make something very similar.

And…. I managed it, all from local stores, (well big chain stores, but all bought locally)

I bought the following:

With my gear bought and my drill in hand, I measured up the items, and built myself a standing desk, and it turned out pretty good if I do say so myself, see for yourself: (Updates to follow on how I get on with the set up.)

Standing Desk