Matthew Roach

Start of School

On Monday by little baby boy starts his first day of proper school (P1 as we live in Scotland), it’s so hard to believe he is nearing five years old and in three weeks time he will be in School for six hours a day. (They give them three weeks to break into the routine of proper school).

I am finding it quite hard to believe it’s happening, I look at him and remember all the little memories so far, from the day he was born up until the current day, and I find it hard that nearly five years has passed as it does not feel like it was that long ago that we welcomed him into the world.

Just last weekend me and my wife were in the kitchen putting his name in all his different school items, it felt really wired to be doing it but also amazing to be doing it as my little boy is growing up. The best part is he is very excited for school, while me and my wife are very nervous. I just hope he has a great time and fits in with all the other kids, and does not get picked on.