Matthew Roach

Switching to Android

Its been a week since I walked into a Phones4u shop as a avid Apple fan, and massive iPhone fan/user. An hour later I walked out a changed man, carrying a Android based phone, the Motorola X, running Android KitKat.

A year ago I received a Nexus 7 as a Christmas Gift and was very impressed in how far Google had brought Android along, and given the amount of time I was using my Nexus 7 I was getting more and more drawn to the Android OS.

For the past couple of months I have been thinking about my options for my next phone, knowing I was due an upgrade I started to think could I ditch the iPhone ecosystem and move over to the “other side”? The more I thought about it the more I realised that it could be a viable option. A lot of the apps I use on a regular basis are either by Google, or not by Apple. I took a look at my iPhone and started going through all the apps I had installed and which ones I used the most, Gmail, Google Maps, Hangouts, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Phone, Messaging (iMessage), and a good few installed from the App Store.

Turns out that I am not using a majority of the default Apple apps when using my phone, and I do use my phone an awful lot. So it begin to seem like I could make the switch easy enough, the only BIG draw back I had, was that all of my family are using iPhones and they all use iMessage, and we even have a lot of group chat as a family. This alone was not help my decision to switch as I would loose a good communication channel between my family, who between the five of us are split across three countries, and regular travel.

So, after walking out of the phone shop with an Android based phone in my pocket, I was still not 100% convinced I had made the right choice. It’s been just over 7 days since then and I am 100% convinced that it was the correct choice for me. Yes I am going to miss the group chat with my family, but all the other stuff I do on my phone out ways this one con.

After spending the first couple of days playing around with the new phone, and looking at all the difference features, installing my regular apps and just getting used to having Android on my phone I have fallen in love with my phone again.
You may of seen my post about “A Fresh iPhone” where I talk about feeling like the Apple iOS going stale. I have been on iOS7 since it’s official release, and it was still lacking something, and this move to Android has been a breathe of fresh air.

The move to Android was helped by a year of using a Nexus 7, so one could say I actually was always comparing the two for the past 12 months, which technically I was in the back of my mind, and I think having that ability has been amazing, and actually help me make the call to ditch an iPhone for an Android phone.