Matthew Roach

The beginning of Podcasts


Recently I’ve started to really get into listening podcasts more and more, I am currently subscribed to 5 different ones that I take the time to ensure I listen to all new episodes.

Podcasts have been around for a while now, but I never really got into them until I found the app Overcast for iOS. The number 1 feature I use in the app is the ability to speed up the playback. This is amazing for listening to long podcasts, especially ones over half an hour long. I always thought I don’t have the time to listen to people talk for an hour, and times that by a few¬†podcasts that’s a lot of time in a week to listen to podcasts. I use the 1.5x setting the most, that seems to be the best for me, even when the speaking gets a little fast form the podcaster it’s still understandable for me, anything more an it sounds like chipmunks squeaking.

Over the past few months I’ve gradually increased my subscribed podcasts up and regularly listen to podcasts on a weekly basis. It also helps that in Overcast you can subscribe to new episodes of a podcast and be notified of new episodes, this helps me keep up to date and not forget about episodes.

My current regular podcasts are:

I also listen to some episodes of the following, but not fully subscribed as of yet

What podcasts do you listen to? What would you recommend? Tweet me.