Matthew Roach

The Climb: The Autobiography

The Climb: The Autobiography

The Climb: The Autobiography by Chris Froome the 2013 Winner of the Tour de France gives a great insight to his back story and how he was not an over night success at winning the Tour de France. Being an avid cycling fan and having been veryĀ involved with the sport at young age, I still follow along with great interest. Some people, even myself may have wondered where did this Chris Froome come from? and how did he win podium at the Vuelta, then go on to win the 100th edition of the most famous bike race int he world!

This book gives a great and deep insight into this. Not having the most conventional upbringing that you would expect of a British person. The highs and lows of Chris being brought up in Kenya, and eventually making the switch to become a British rider and give up his roots of Kenya to be able to get the highest possible level in cycling is told in great depth, and gives insight into the struggles of what non european athletes have to contend with.

Another great insight this books gives you is the hard work that Chris has put in to get where he is, some people may think that Chris all of sudden came from nowhere to finish second in the Vuelta, then to stand on podium twice at the Tour de France, with one of being the top stop.

I recommend reading this book if you are anyway interested in cycling, or if you are unsure of the cycling scene post “Armstrong” era.