The Martian

The Martian

Not being a huge fan on fiction books, I have made more of an effort to look past this and start to widen my search when looking for books to read. I first heard about this book when people were starting to talk about the upcoming movie (this was a few weeks/ maybe a month or two ago), and how they where looking forward to seeing it after reading the book. After a few visits to Amazon to look at the book and reviews, I mentioned it to my wife and she decided to purchase it for us both to read. If you have a kindle I recommend looking at the family library with the kindle. Over the past couple weeks we have both read the story and are looking forward to seeing the movie.

Space, it’s an interesting topic. Yes man has been to the moon, but Mars, this is something different. It’s much further and less known. The unknown of this and it’s space is what makes it so interesting.

Mark Watney ended up being left on mars after him and his crew had to evacuate their mission base due to a storm. All bar Mark made it off Mars, due to protocol his crew were forced to leave him behind. But little did they know he was still alive and doing very well at keeping alive too. As soon as Mark realises what’s happened and he’s been left on Mars, he starts to plan how he can live the longest, and some plans on how he might have a chance of rescue. Over the course of his time on Mars you are reading his log entries he makes on a near daily basis. While this may sound a little boring, they are full of science and physics. Sometimes a little over my head but very interesting and well written.

The books goes into some great depth at points in the story as Mark has to tackle some very difficult tasks while all on his own on Mars. The depth of these points help paint a very good picture of what Mark is facing and the items he has with him, and the type of stuff an astronaut has to do.

Without giving too much away on what happens, I urge you to grab a copy and read it. It’s not a particular difficult read, while some points go into depth with science and physics, it’s still easy to follow along. You might find yourself reading along thinking I know what’s going happen next, but with a few plot twists it keeps things interesting. Who said it was easy to live on Mars?

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