Matthew Roach

The world of cycling according to G

The world according to G

Not your normal kind of cycling book, autobiography or biography. This book takes a look at cycling as a whole, it is from the point of Geraint, and he does have a fair few stories related to him and the teams he’s been with. The idea of the book, to take the reader into the world of cycling and explaining all the different parts of what’s involved for rider, partner, mechanic, soingueur, and all the others involved. If your just getting into cycling this is a great book to help you understand cycling as a whole, and also the racing. If you are a season professional of the cycling world this book is just as good a read.

Have you ever sat and watched a stage of the Tour de France and wondered why the peloton has given a group of riders 9 minutes advantage, Geraint explains this and many other tactics involved in racing. Wonder what happens after all the racing has happened for the day, Geraint explains it all.

This book doesn’t just cover the professional side, it has some great stories from the early days, from youth racing in the UK up to last years Tour.

Just a small note he did spell my brothers name wrong when mentioning him, but I’ll not hold him to that.