Matthew Roach

Time to Open Source

On Saturday I tweetwed:

Got an email telling me a domain is expiring.. Another idea I had, and not had the time to fully execute on

— Matthew Roach (@faxtion) September 20, 2014

And since then I’ve been thinking about all the projects I have ideas for be it not started, half started, finished but not online anywhere, and what I could do with these. I don’t want them to just disappear. So I have been thinking about what I can do with these, generally they are very lightweight and will not see great demand, but all these projects will soon start to cost me a small fortune to keep running on servers, and I don’t want them to just sit on my computer without people seeing them.

So! I have decided that I will be Open Sourcing many more of my projects, these will be going on to my GitHub account, and I will be using Heroku to put up these projects, this way people can see the code and interact with them.

I have started playing with Heroku and am in the middle of understanding how to use it, my next step is to get my apps ready to run on Heroku, I need to ensure I don’t commit any sensitive credentials to GitHub.

By releasing my code and apps it may help someone out with an issue, but maybe not. Another good thing for me doing this is I can have a history of a lot of the code I have written, I am forever going back to projects to grab snippets of code.