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I’ve had this little idea in my head for a while now, on how I could use Twitter Cards to display the content I am sharing from in a much more rich way on twitter, but without taking the user away from the original website.

The idea is that I want to share a link to an article, blog post, review, or what ever I happen to find interesting from the RSS reader application I have written (still in private beta), but I don’t want to handle the traffic or take user’s away from the real website where the information is. I always want to push the traffic to the original source. Which is fine, but when twitter released their twitter cards for tweets, I was interesting if there was a way I could use them with sharing from but without handling the traffic like I mentioned before. Plus another reason for this is so I have a reason to look at the twitter analytic’s.

So tonight I set about implementing it, and to my surprise it was relative easy once I had work out what twitter was doing to get the card information.

As you can see from my tweet below when I share something from it will have a summary card in the expanded display and drive traffic directly to the original website.

For the time being I am only using the summary card, but over time I will look into a way of using the other twitter cards depending on the type of content being shared, guess I can put that doing on the feature list for launch.


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— Matthew Roach (@faxtion) August 6, 2014