Matthew Roach

Welcome Almanac

The past few days on Twitter I have seen a lot of tweets regarding static site generators, and engines. These are cool as they are quite basic, no need for database integration, meaning you can run on a very simple host.

A lot of what I came across were PHP, Ruby, Node.js or another web based language based and without a great deal of looking around I could not see anything for the ColdFusion market. With me working in ColdFusion on a daily basis I thought I would create something for the ColdFusion market.

So I would like to welcome Almanac a simple blog engine that works with static MarkDown (.md) files and is written in ColdFusion (CFML). I wrote it using the CFML Engine OpenBD.

A reason I decided to write it was I have a love for the Markdown Syntax, and I wanted something to kickstart my blog again, so as the old saying goes, two birds one stone…