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Welcome klustar

Klustar Preview

Welcome klustar, a simple web application for managing/ organising your twitter favorites.


Just over four years ago, Joel (Joel Hughes) and I found ourselves discussing and planning the building of a web application for managing your Twitter favorites. Over the course of a couple of months, we laid some good foundations for the application and even come up with and bought the domain name. One thing lead to another and the project lost momentum. Nothing was ever really said on the subject again and we both moved on to other more important matters. Overtime, we watched a couple of other developer’s apps come and go in this space and it always brought back the idea of Klustar. However, nothing materialised.

A month ago I decided to change that, and over the course of a weekend I hacked together the very basic backend code to create the application. My love for the project was reignited. From that weekend onwards I made a promise to myself that I would continue with it and get it released to the world.

While it’s not fully released, last night and this morning I sent an email campaign inviting all those that had put their name down to have access and beta test the application. So far so good—feedback has been great and I am cracking on with features that I have mapped out and are coming in the near future.

Add your email to the list to be invited to the next round of beta testing, to also be notified of public release, or follow the Twitter account for information @klustarapp