Matthew Roach


Following on from last year’s little round up, here’s 2015’s round up.

That seemed like a short year, it felt like a lot has happened and also not a lot. 

I never wrote what I had planned for 2015. I did not accomplish all I had planned to, while some of these are long term goals and not necessary restricted to just one year they will remain on the list again for next year. Some of the long term goals have moved along nicely, while others are either dormant or need a little TLC.

I wanted to read more [books] this year, and I would say I failed, having only read five books (3 reviews posted on here). Five is only one more than 2014, and I started reading in the summer in 2014 after getting a kindle. So next year I am making a much better effort to increase this amount. Even though I said I failed at reading more books, I have read a lot more on-line over the last year, I’ve found some great websites (blogs) that I follow with RSS and I am making a much better effort to read the articles/post’s published.

Personally it was a big year, with the birth of our second child Alice. Alice was born on 1st May 2015, and these past 8 months seem to have flown by, she has transformed so much. Looking forward to seeing her learn to walk early in the me new year, as she is able to climb up against items and stand.

Professionally it was an interesting year. I’ve worked on some great products for both the company and clients. Got my hands dirty with some new technology and languages, which will continue to grow going forward. 

We got a bunch of electric sit-stand desks at the office which was amazing, and I’ve been using one full time since they came in early December.

On top of that, in the last third of the year I was given 20% time. So I could spend time to research and investigate the moving industry. With the plan to look at ways to implement new tools, techniques, software, and processes into the work we do. I have made a good start, and have some things which we will be starting in the new year that I am super excited for. (Just incase your interested we are hiring)

One thing which I noticed the past year is I’ve down far less side projects. I know the reason for this and I plan to fix the issue, but not for the plan to do more side projects.